“The perfect is the enemy of the good.” ~ Voltaire

I think it’s true. That being said, I do like for my projects to be correct and as good as I can get them to be. If you ever find something you think needs correction in a book I’ve published, please speak up! I am looking to hire a freelance editor in the near future, so if that’s you, speak up too!

I hope to find someone (hopefully local area) to work with that can have a phone convo about the book and then look at pdf’s in rough “sketch” stage sent via email for copy content. My next idea that I’m thinking about writing is more of a poem or rhyming style, but I still need input on sentences and punctuation. Email me at pazinktum@gmail.com if you are a freelance writer or editor interested in some work from time to time.

A feeling of accomplishment.

My challenge to myself of expanding my little 12 page e-book into a full 24 page print and e-book has been met! I learned so much in the process of making these little books. My pets mean so much to me, and I’ve needed something positive to stay focused on during this stressful year. I’ve always wanted to do a project like this, and I guess one good thing of 2020 is I finally had time. I am at home with my cat and rabbit much of the time…so much that they became my inspiration. You can get these on Amazon. The e-book is free if you are a Kindle Unlimited member. The printed version is less than $10 – maybe someone on your Christmas list might like it! 🙂

If I can bring a smile to a child (or adults) face through this little book, then I’ve accomplished what I set out to do. Visit celesteandyvette.com also if you want to learn more. Thank you for any and all support! 🙂

“Spend the day with Celeste, a rabbit, and Yvette, a cat, as they have fun together. A sweet little story of how two friends spend a typical day in and around their little house in the mountains. Colorful illustrations show their activities. This book shows how differences can make life better and enhance friendships. An easy read, this is a fun book for children or anyone who loves cats or rabbits.”
Here are the links to both the ebook and the paperback versions:

e-Book – digital version for kindles and other devices.
Paperback – printed version

October is Black Cat month!

Happy October! I love this month, and one of the reasons is because it’s awareness month for black cats to help get adopted. Sadly, due to silly superstitions, black cats get adopted at a lower rate. My sweet Yvette came from the Avery County Humane Society. She is a very good kitty. It’s fun to see the creative decorations and costumes of Halloween time, but black cats are not bad luck, involved in witchy stuff or anything else related to negatives. They are nothing but glamorous, gorgeous and great pets!


I love this season. I’ve been saving seeds from this years garden and doing other little projects. I’ve made some smudge sticks from herbs grown in my herb garden. The apple trees are pretty full and the black birds are hanging around a lot. I hope you have a good Autumn!

I wrote a picture book!

Because my pets have meant so much to me during this time of rarely going out, I decided to write and illustrate a little picture book about them. Making them into characters of a story has been such a fun and interesting process. To start off with, I’ve written an e-book as an introduction. It is available on Amazon. It is titled “Celeste and Yvette”.

I plan to continue with them as story characters and see where it takes me. My next goal is to produce a longer e-book and a print book. I’ve got a lot of ideas for these two! 🙂

In the meantime, I hope you’ll check out my little e-book introducing these fun characters.
Get it on Amazon if you would like: Celeste and Yvette e-book Version
🙂 Thank you for any support! It means a lot.