Mini Paintings & Curio Machines

I am happy to announce that I will have some of my art in the new venture known as “The Curio Machine”. This is a fun way to get original arts and crafts into people’s hands in a local, unique delivery method. Utilizing old snack machines, a creative inventive little business was started last year here in Boone. Learn more about them at: The Curio Machine

I’ve been working on mini-paintings to sell in these up-cycled vending machines. There is one in Boone on King Street and one in Mooresville, which is near Charlotte.

I’ve also got some prints and magnets made from some of my larger work. I plan to do more little originals with painting and mixed media.

These little paintings are about 4 inches or so and come with their own little easels! 🙂
Pick up some art next time you’re in town!

A feeling of accomplishment.

My challenge to myself of expanding my little 12 page e-book into a full 24 page print and e-book has been met! I learned so much in the process of making these little books. My pets mean so much to me, and I’ve needed something positive to stay focused on during this stressful year. I’ve always wanted to do a project like this, and I guess one good thing of 2020 is I finally had time. I am at home with my cat and rabbit much of the time…so much that they became my inspiration. You can get these on Amazon. The e-book is free if you are a Kindle Unlimited member. The printed version is less than $10 – maybe someone on your Christmas list might like it! 🙂

If I can bring a smile to a child (or adults) face through this little book, then I’ve accomplished what I set out to do. Visit also if you want to learn more. Thank you for any and all support! 🙂

Spend the day with Celeste, a rabbit, and Yvette, a cat, as they have fun together. A sweet little story of how two friends spend a typical day in and around their little house in the mountains. Colorful illustrations show their activities. This book shows how differences can make life better and enhance friendships. An easy read, this is a fun book for children or anyone who loves cats or rabbits.

Here are the links to both the ebook and the paperback versions:

e-Book – digital version for kindles and other devices.
Paperback – printed version