Monterey Museum Visit

This past weekend I flew to the west coast — Monterey, California to be exact, where I visited this museum:

It’s in a building that says Stanton Center, but it houses both art and artifacts related to Monterey.
Here is a slide show of a few things that I saw there; a really cool fresnel lens that used to be in a light house in Big Sur, a model of old Cannery Row, an old dress and a beautiful painting inspired by it, and more. You should go check it out — They also have a really neat exhibit related to the Montery Pop Festival. I saw Grace Slick’s caftan and Janis Joplin’s coffee table. Neato. AND, they have an exhibit of miniature paintings that is a collection belonging to Cheech Marin!!

This museum had so much to offer. If you visit Monterey, don’t spend all your time on the nearby pier/boardwalk….this museum is a gem! The guys who were working there the day I visited were very friendly and informative!

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