The Love Day!

Valentine’s day has always been fun. I hope you had a good day. I think of it as a day for all love, not just romantic love. Celeste the bunny enjoyed dressing up in a pretty, ruby colored frock. She’s so fun to have in my life – I’ve had her since she was 2 months old. She likes the attention of playing like this with fancy dresses. A reward of fruit is always given, and we only play as long as it suits her. She is quite the supermodel. 🙂
If you are considering a rabbit as a pet, please feel free to ask me questions through the contact page. They are great pets, but quite different from dogs and cats. It would be my honor to educate others on how great it can be to have a rabbit in your life!

If you haven’t read the book I wrote about her and her friend, Yvette the cat, you can find it here: Spend the Day with Celeste and Yvette
I wrote and illustrated it last year. It’s a picture book suitable for all ages – children or anyone who likes animals!
Visit their website to learn more about them too!

Published by pazinktum

I am a designer, illustrator and maker living near Boone, North Carolina.

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