Happy March!

I am taking an illustration course! It is called “MATS” which is short for “Make Art That Sells”.
I needed some Inspiration for Spring 2021, and I found a great class online.
There are so many talented people sharing work in the course, that I am both intimidated and inspired!
This is a chance for me to expand my work, improve and learn quite bit I think! We are starting with exploring color.
These are sketches to define a couple of different color palettes. It’s a “brainstorming” of sorts. 🙂

This is a sketch of putting color in specific areas and looking at colors that I both like and dislike.
I chose the mushroom theme just for fun. It could be anything, or even blobs of color!
This is a palette based on “candy pink” and “citrus” and possible colors to use with those two colors.
This allows for color exploration of a similar “Pink” and “Citrus” color combination and viewed with black and white.

Published by pazinktum

I am a designer, illustrator and maker living near Boone, North Carolina.

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