What is Pazinktum Publishing™?

It is the name of a graphic design and illustration studio located on a small farm near Boone, North Carolina. Pazinktum™ is a made up word that means something you like or that gets your attention. My family goes back several generations here in the NC mountains and has had many growers, makers and craftspeople over the years. My Great Grandfather was the local blacksmith. My Grandmother could sew beautifully! My Mom was a good cook and did beautiful embroidery. My Dad was a good farmer and cattle man. We still keep cattle here on the farm, and grow a lot of our own food, herbs and spices.

The front page of this site features my recent projects and other topics that I think are interesting, funny or art/design related. I share my work area with a feisty, little rabbit and a funny, little cat that I adopted from local humane societies. I enjoy a lot of different styles of creating and making. From up-cycling flea market finds to sculpting and painting, I always have several projects going.

In the world of “self-publishing”, I have found there is a lot of information. With my background and experience in Marketing, Graphic Design and Illustration, I understand the terminology and process of the layout, design and production of printed books and e-books.

If you are a writer who wants to publish online, and you need some help, let me know. I can provide several components that you might need, such as; cover design, page layout, illustration and working with the Amazon publishing software.

If you are a business that needs graphic design or illustration help, please let me know! In addition to spending time in nature and taking care of our NC Century Family Farm, I am adept with the Adobe Creative Software for page layout and digital illustration.

Contact me to discuss your project.
Please leave me comments too. I would be happy to hear from you!

Visit celesteandyvette.com to learn about the picture book I have written and published.

~ Lisa Norris Clements • Boone, North Carolina • USA • Earth • Cosmos

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