It’s early this year.

I had several bunnies in mind that I wanted to illustrate. The pretty Easter outfits for children are so cute. I adore the colors of Spring and Easter. This one little bunny will have to do because the holiday came early this year and I ran out of time! πŸ™‚ Hope you have a wonderful day wherever you are.

Palette Two Illustration Re-do

This is my second version of my journal illustration. Going with the newer colors, I made adjustments. I think I like this version better! The mossy greens work well as the ground area around the mushrooms and plants. I like the blues in the mountains and the apricot tones of the daffodils – and that columbine on the right really pops! What a good challenge this is for me! I would love to explore these little fairies and their domain more at some point! For now though, I’m happy to have this work complete. πŸ™‚

Another Color Exercise

After working with citrus, pink and lime for the journal cover illustration, we have changed up the palette. Working with brighter, aqua blues, mossy greens, rose pinks and peachy apricot, I will re-color my illustration. To define these colors and build a new palette, finding objects and arranging them really is fun and helpful.

Flotsam & Jetsam

When I’ve been working on several things for a time, my table gets really messy. It’s fun to take up all the leftover bits and make a spontaneous collage! I don’t spend much time on it, but I enjoy the playing with color and composition.

Journal Assignment

Our first assignment in MATS class was to design a journal cover. My first idea was to use some of my icons and the colors in the citrus and pink palette and illustrate a bright scene. It was fun and challenging. As I was working on it, I had a couple of other ideas. One with an Owl and and a play on words and another with a Robot! All are posted below. I think the Owl one needs some work, but it’s got some good qualities. I am loving the class and recommend it to anyone who wants to focus on improving their illustrations. πŸ™‚

In class we were encouraged to design an interesting signature.

Another Portrait

After working with pen and watercolor style some today, I decided to try out something new. I recently got some of those paint marker/brushes. Having not really ever seen this exact art supply, and the fact that they weren’t too expensive, made me give them a try. It’s a fun way to loosen up and just go for it without drawing things out so precisely. I had the hairstyle in mind, and then it just went it’s own way. She reminds me of several people, and she seems purposeful. And so Gloriously PINK! haha


This is me. I did it in pen and watercolor. I tried to get my likeness and not be overly flattering. Or underly flattering either. I’m not sure underly is a word. I don’t think it is, but you get my meaning. haha

I did it as a warm-up for the next project in the MATS class. I have learned some things already about capturing a face or likeness for illustration purposes. It was fun to do. For the next project, I think I’ll go with this same style. I may try some other styles in the future classes. We’ll see. I like exploring different styles of illustration. πŸ™‚ This one came out OK, so I used it as my profile pic on social media; Fb and Insta. Something different for Spring! Which is coming!!! πŸ™‚

MATS class

I have been working on these for class I mentioned earlier. It is a great illustration class. It is motivating and illuminating for me. I’ve already learned a few things to improve my own illustrations! And, we’re only getting started! πŸ™‚ ❀
Here are some icons and motifs I’ve been working on. Using these and expanding this into the next project has me feeling very inspired!
We were shown examples of some beautiful work in the type of project we’ll be doing this month…I won’t say what the project is yet. I need to let it sit in my mind a bit. It’s going to be challenging to take these elements and make them come together in the most pleasing way. I may eliminate some and add others.