Candy Pink & Citrus

These two colors are part of a palette we are developing in the MATS class I am taking to improve my illustration work. It is turning out to be a great class!!…more about that later. For now, I realized that I used these two colors last year in my Spend the Day with Celeste and Yvette book!

One of Celeste’s outfits features these two colors! ❤

To purchase the book visit: Spend the Day with Celeste and Yvette

To learn more about the book and the characters visit:

Happy March!

I am taking an illustration course! It is called “MATS” which is short for “Make Art That Sells”.
I needed some Inspiration for Spring 2021, and I found a great class online.
There are so many talented people sharing work in the course, that I am both intimidated and inspired!
This is a chance for me to expand my work, improve and learn quite bit I think! We are starting with exploring color.
These are sketches to define a couple of different color palettes. It’s a “brainstorming” of sorts. 🙂

This is a sketch of putting color in specific areas and looking at colors that I both like and dislike.
I chose the mushroom theme just for fun. It could be anything, or even blobs of color!
This is a palette based on “candy pink” and “citrus” and possible colors to use with those two colors.
This allows for color exploration of a similar “Pink” and “Citrus” color combination and viewed with black and white.

The Love Day!

Valentine’s day has always been fun. I hope you had a good day. I think of it as a day for all love, not just romantic love. Celeste the bunny enjoyed dressing up in a pretty, ruby colored frock. She’s so fun to have in my life – I’ve had her since she was 2 months old. She likes the attention of playing like this with fancy dresses. A reward of fruit is always given, and we only play as long as it suits her. She is quite the supermodel. 🙂
If you are considering a rabbit as a pet, please feel free to ask me questions through the contact page. They are great pets, but quite different from dogs and cats. It would be my honor to educate others on how great it can be to have a rabbit in your life!

If you haven’t read the book I wrote about her and her friend, Yvette the cat, you can find it here: Spend the Day with Celeste and Yvette
I wrote and illustrated it last year. It’s a picture book suitable for all ages – children or anyone who likes animals!
Visit their website to learn more about them too!

Mini Paintings & Curio Machines

I am happy to announce that I will have some of my art in the new venture known as “The Curio Machine”. This is a fun way to get original arts and crafts into people’s hands in a local, unique delivery method. Utilizing old snack machines, a creative inventive little business was started last year here in Boone. Learn more about them at: The Curio Machine

I’ve been working on mini-paintings to sell in these up-cycled vending machines. There is one in Boone on King Street and one in Mooresville, which is near Charlotte.

I’ve also got some prints and magnets made from some of my larger work. I plan to do more little originals with painting and mixed media.

These little paintings are about 4 inches or so and come with their own little easels! 🙂
Pick up some art next time you’re in town!